Thursday, 26 September 2013

Today's Exercise: Does changing appearance help?

Jessica Stroup and her sexy pixie.
Carey Mulligan's adorable pixie.
Mandy Moore's lovely cut 
During my not so long life I have watched people going through some bad moments in their life.

Is changing the way you look a step towards a new start and a happier life?

For example, lets take a moment to ponder about breakups. They're never easy on anyone. Yeah, one party usually takes it lighter, but it's still hard (unless you're a complete a**hole!)... And how many times haven't we watched people around us doing a complete make-over after finishing a relationship? Some people buy new clothes and change their style, some people change their hairstyle, chop off their locks or dye it in a different color, etc.

I haven't really looked into whether this is something that, scientifically, can help you overcome difficult moments in your life. However, I can state for sure that I do feel better when I decide to make some bold fashion statement, something that I didn't do before. Last weekend for example, I decided to wear some bright raspberry lipstick and it totally made me feel a bit more cheerful. 

What do you think, does changing the way you look help you overcome a hard situation? 

That being said, should this be the moment where I finally go forward with my secret desire to try a pixie cut?

Or maybe go a little less crazy and just cut some bangs. 

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A la Rashida Jones. 

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Thanks to Akshara from Simply Akshara for inspiring this post. 


  1. First of all, you are so sweet for linking back to me- thank you very much! Go for the pixie cut. Secret desires should always come alive at some point in time! If you're game for it, totally go for it. As everybody says, hair always grows back! I definitely think changing something about your appearance is a fresh way of happening upon a new beginning. Change is always good for the soul. I'm totally supportive of that notion, and I love changing something about my appearance to commemorate that feeling!

    I hope you go for the pixie! :)

    1. You're welcome! Thanks for visiting again! I'm still thinking whether to cut at all or just keep it as it is and maybe dying it a shade lighter. We'll see ;)

  2. start with the bangs. If you love them great! if not, no big deal. A pixie cut would feel so refreshing and rejuvenating but could also be overwhelming. Bangs could be a nice transition into the pixie cut. Dip the toe, you know?

    1. Haha you're right. I haven't decided what to do yet ;) Thanks for your comment!