Sunday, 29 September 2013

Sunday Links #2

My problem exactly. Via pinterest.

Here are this week´s links:

- A few pieces of life, happiness and knowledge taken from Psychology Today: A love failure is not a life failure ("Sometimes our biggest breakdowns lead to our biggest breakthroughs. In this sense, there are few mistakes in love. There are no missteps, but merely fresh opportunities for growth and self-development."); 7 reasons to be more physically affectionate; Can the simple act of making a list boost your happiness?

- A bit sad, but true in many ways: Things 20-somethings are tired of hearing

- Although most my tech has the Apple stamp on it (iPod, iPad, Macbook...), I have never converted to the iPhone, having been in a serious relationship with my Android smartphone for at least a year and a half. Will this be the iPhone that brings me to the dark side? 

- Autumn/Fall is officially here. Who else loves cool weather cooking? Here are a few recipes that got me interested: apple spreadblueberry pancakesthe world's best crumble (I highly doubt it, and I don't want to sound pretentious but mine is the best I ever tasted :p), roasted fall vegetable and ricotta pizzaclassic mac and cheese with minty peas.

- I love this one from Refinery 29: Cool hostess gifts

- I'm dying to go on a relaxing SPA break: A list of the best SPAs in the UK and US

- And finally, Saturday Night Live has now an international youtube channel for all of us who don't live in the US. 


  1. HA! my exact problem too. the quote is such an important reminder of how we should just relax and be present. oh Buddha, you're so smart!

    can i just make all of those recipes? absolutely delicious!! my mouth is watering haha! a spa trip sounds so wonderful right about now. :)

    hope your day has been marvelous!