Saturday, 21 September 2013

Happy Weekend #1

Weekend plans

I often find it hard to find the will to get off my room and do something, specially on a particularly hard day. I hope that, if I write it down and actually make plans with other people (who are, therefore, counting on me), this will help me getting out the house and enjoying myself, even if I don't feel that much like it. 

Here are the plans for this weekend:

1. Go to town with a friend and grab a coffee.

2. Try these Topshop booties. 

3.  Bake a cake (baking is one of the most therapeutic activities for me)! 

4. Attend a multicultural dinner party at a friend's place.


  1. Great plans! I've been stuck to the couch this weekend and really need to get out. I love those booties. Plan on getting a beautiful pair that look similar from Vince Camuto.